River Region TV
River Region TV

Market YOUR business and get Maximum Exposure with JT & Leanne

The 30 minute River Region TV Show with JT & Leanne is broadcast on the Alabama News Network CBS 8, ABC 32 & CW.  Our advertisers are also included on our Radio, Print and Internet/Social Media campaigns.  Best news of all, 100% exclusivity, meaning no competitors on the show for annual clients and you only deal with JT & Leanne, your trusted partner in all marketing efforts. Learn more about the different packages available on the River Region TV Show by clicking the link to the left.  


If you are taking time away from your customers and not focusing enough on growing your business because you are dealing with sales reps, phone calls, planning your commercials and trying to come up with a marketing strategy, let JT & Leanne give you some of that time back! Learn more about the opportunity for Leanne to represent you as Ad Agency in order to maximize your marketing strategy and your time for the best results possible. Simply click the button to the left for more information.  

JT & Leanne: Your Hosts for the River Region TV Show