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Advertising Agency Representation with Leanne

If you own a business in Central Alabama you know your time is money.  These days it seems like there are NOT enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Ad Agency Representation means you can consult with a Pro who knows the market and has the connections to get you the best rates and the most return on your Advertising Investment.  Leanne has successfully endorsed and represented many businesses throughout Central Alabama.  If you are tired of dealing with different sales reps from different media outlets, phone calls, not having enough time to focus on your customers contact Leanne for HELP!  She will help you strategize a successful media campaign, brand your business and personally endorse your product if desired. Best news of all - IT DOESN'T COST YOU, THE CLIENT, ANYTHING ADDITIONAL! Be represented, feel confident, contact Leanne today!


Leanne Thompson


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